One way to provide a well rounded breakfast is to offer a combination of one entree, a fruit salad (seasonal fruit), one choice of either croissants with butter pats and jelly, muffins or bagels with cream cheese, jelly and juice or coffee for $9.50 pp.

The other option is hand choosing various items from the ala carte menu.

  • 2 handmade waffles served with syrup, homemade whipped cream, powdered sugar and strawberries (entree)     $4.00 pp
  • Breakfast Lasagna: layer of potato cubes, scrambled eggs, sausage, salsa and cheddar cheese (entree)     $4.00 pp
  • Mexican Breakfast: A flour tortilla wrapped with a combination of egg, sausage, sour cream sauce, topped with additional sauce and cheddar cheese (2 per person) (entree’)     $5.00 pp
  • Bowl of fresh fruit salad served with poppy seed dressing (seasonal fruit)    $3.00 pp
  • Mini Croissants, Muffin, Danish and bagel basket served with butter pats, jelly and cream cheese     $3.00 pp
  • Homemade pull apart cinnamon rolls (feeds 10)     $20.00
  • Homemade Coffee Cake (feeds 12)     $20.00
  • Tomato Pesto Quiche/Sausage Cheese Quiche/ Mushroom Spinach Bacon Quiche (made either in individual pies or large size) (entree’)     $3.50 pp
  • Large croissant with scrambled eggs, cheese and choice of ham, sausage or bacon    $3.50 pp
  • Choice of juices: orange, cranberry or grape     $1.00 pp
  • Pot of coffee, sweet n’ low, sugar and cream     $1.00 pp

Breakfast is delivered and set up with paper goods, cups, utensils and napkins when a full menu is ordered.

If you order one to two items from the ala carte menu, the paper goods, etc. are not included.